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School Program, Mental Health, Minds Foundation

School Education Program on Mental Health is MINDS Foundation’s lead project provides access to Vital information on Mental Health, Mental Illness and Factors affecting mental health to the students / adolescents. Through the past programs and field interventions / research of knowledge and attitudes towards mental health among different social groups. We at MINDS foundation learnt the important of imparting quality information on mental health and how to cope the difficulties among youth and adolescents suffering from such MH problems.

In line with primary objective, the field social workers at MINDS Foundation Vadodara conducts 6-8 school mental health education programs in schools located at Rural areas around Vadodara in the proximity of 30 to 100 kilometers. The education program consists of Presentation in vernacular language along with Movie on mental health and illness. Students and teachers gets in-depth information and knowledge about types of mental illness, factors and how to deal with stigma around mental health issues.

The recent program was held at Rampura Village of Vadodara District where around 45 students and 03 teachers have participated. The program was delivered by Kaushal and Chintan (Mental Health Field Social Workers) from the MINDS Foundation.