Amul Joshi, MSW


India Country Director

Amul recently joined MINDS Foundation as a plan of expansion of MINDS intervention in rural areas of Vadodara District and for strengthening the MINDS India Team. Amul is from Bhavnagar -Saurashtra, done his schooling from St’ Xavier’s High School and graduated in English Literature followed by Master of Social Work and Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Applications from Bhavnagar University. Having more than 07 years of cross cultural experience both in Large Manufacturing Industries and in Government Departments and International development Projects holding senior managerial positions. His major expertises are in Management of Human Capital, Labour Welfare and NGO/NPO Project / Program management. Amul works with MINDS as the local resource person and enables the point of contact for interest groups, corporate tie-ups and for MINDS supporters.

“I have a deep respect for social causes and for peoples involved in making and shaping someone’s life more meaningful and liveable. Experiencing different social interventions and working with Labour Welfare projects I came across many opportunities where Govt. Machineries and NGOs can do much more innovatively and effectively. But welfare institutions are bounded by many influential factors and restrictions. I am very happy to be the teammate of MINDS Foundation because there is a freedom to work innovatively, usefully and effectively for the betterment of the poor, needy, deprived and helpless individuals at a very distinct level of dedication and caring efforts. Instead of providing some sort of small or big monetary or non-monetary welfare benefits, MINDS Foundation works and cares intensively for its people until they gets cured and live happily ever after within their community.”