mh4all emerged as an awareness campaign under The MINDS Foundation. mh4all aims to bring light to the emerging global public health concern of mental health. Even as we are in the 21st century, mental health has not integrated into regular conversation or funding streams. This platform will be a central location for anyone involved in the global mental health sector to contribute personal narratives, video journals, guest blog posts, photos, and any other form of digital media that contributes to raising awareness around the topic of mental health.

Personal Stories

These are personal stories, written and shared by those who have dealt and are dealing with mental health issues. The purpose of sharing these stories, is to inspire other’s to share theirs, and spread the spirit of transparency surrounding mental health. It is OK to talk about the struggle, and by sharing we can help one another get better and conquer. Thank you to those brave souls for sharing your story.

In The News

How can we halt the rise of youth depression & suicide?

How can we halt the rise of youth depression & suicide?, The Hippocratic Post, May 8th, 2017 Watch a series of videos by the One Young World Ambassadors on the subject of Mental Health. The Health Plenary Session at the 2016 One Young World Summit in Ottawa...

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Faith healers and better mental health

Faith healers and better mental health, The Hippocratic Post, May 8th, 2017 Over time, society and medicine have progressed, pushing tradition, ritual, superstition, and religion aside in favour of more evidence-based practices. Blood transfusions replaced leeches and...

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High Anxiety, The New Indian Express

High Anxiety, The New Indian Express Irritability, Insomnia, Impulsivity, Isolation, Impotency. For over two years, it was a constant fight for survival for the 35-year-old banker from Bhubaneshwar. His state of mind was a sense of acute dread without any obvious...

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Pawar’s ‘Mental’ Remark and India’s Mental Health

Pawar’s ‘Mental’ Remark and India’s Mental Health, The Wall Street Journal It isn’t unusual for politicians to sneer at their rivals, particularly ahead of polls. But when Sharad Pawar, the agriculture minister, said that the man tipped to be India’s next prime...

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India’s Mental Health Challenge

October 21, 2013: India’s Mental Health Challenge, The Wall Street Journal In 2010, Raghu Appasani was in the eastern Indian state of Bihar volunteering with Unite for Sight, when his cousin in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh was diagnosed with epilepsy.Read...

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The Minds Foundation: Fighting The Mental Illness

The Minds Foundation: Fighting The Mental Illness, Halabol Voices How many of us know about an organization which is a pioneer in working to bring cost-effective, high-quality mental healthcare to those in the most remote regions of rural India?Read...

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Our Blog

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Patient Stories

Raja S

Raja S

Raja S One wouldn’t find anything wrong when a teenager, all of 14 years, resents school, loves playing outside and gets into minor fights at school. After all with doting grandparents, four siblings and parents, it seems that he hasn’t a worry in the world. But when...

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Kamalbhai & Kanchalben

Kamalbhai & Kanchalben

Kamalbhai & Kanchalben Today’s narrative is a story of how a husband and wife suffered through, and overcame, mental illness- together. Kamal Bhai The illness was just as new to Kamal Bhai as the entire village of Morakhala. Living in a colony of labourers, 21...

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Currently, we work in the rural regions surrounding the City of Vadodara (also known as Baroda), a city in the northwestern State of Gujarat in India.