mh4all emerged as an awareness campaign under The MINDS Foundation. mh4all aims to bring light to the emerging global public health concern of mental health. Even as we are in the 21st century, mental health has not integrated into regular conversation or funding streams. This platform will be a central location for anyone involved in the global mental health sector to contribute personal narratives, video journals, guest blog posts, photos, and any other form of digital media that contributes to raising awareness around the topic of mental health.

In The News

Using mHealth to Improve Mental Healthcare in India

Using mHealth to Improve Mental Healthcare in India, mHealth Alliance Even today, there is still a gaping lack of access to mental healthcare in rural India. This is not primarily due to a lack of physicians in the country; rather, physicians are disproportionately...

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The MINDS Foundation

The MINDS Foundation, Gulbenkian Global Mental Health Platform The MINDS Foundation was founded by Raghu Appasani (Wesleyan 2012) the Summer before his junior year. At this point, Raghu had already volunteered in India, had extensive research experience, and had many...

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MINDS to Host Discussion on Mental Illness Stigmas

MINDS to Host Discussion on Mental Illness Stigmas, The Wesleyan Argus The Mental Illness and Neurological Disorders Foundation (MINDS) is attempting to spark discussion at the University on the stigmatization of mental illness. Read...

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Patricelli Puts Social Change in Career Path

Patricelli Puts Social Change in Career Path, The Wesleyan Argus On a campus bustling with activists, it’s easy to tap into the spirit of philanthropy and enthusiasm for social change. Read...

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Wesleyan Activism Goes Global

Wesleyan Activism Goes Global, The Wesleyan Argus The MINDS Foundation sent students to rural India in order to conduct research and volunteer at local hospitals. Read...

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Currently, we work in the rural regions surrounding the City of Vadodara (also known as Baroda), a city in the northwestern State of Gujarat in India.