Raja S

One wouldn’t find anything wrong when a teenager, all of 14 years, resents school, loves playing outside and gets into minor fights at school. After all with doting grandparents, four siblings and parents, it seems that he hasn’t a worry in the world.
But when Raja turned 9, something seemed to change.  He came more restless than usual children his age. His concentration levels dropped in school, got into many more fights and even started stealing. This became even worse over the next two years. He was constantly irritable, lashed out at parents when asked to take responsibility of daily routine chores and verbal abuse was not uncommon anymore. Another strange symptom began to worry his parents. He was often found muttering to himself, laughing for no reason and took to chewing tobacco. Raja’s social and academic life took a down turn. Things at school did not improve and add to that, many more complaints about his aggressive fights became alarming.
That’s when Dhiraj, his older brother, considered that he may have a psychiatric imbalance. Raja first came to MINDS Foundation a few months ago and has improved drastically. Though it is still uncertain whether his condition is only a behavioral issue, his family has already noted a decrease in his muttering, inappropriate laughing, fighting, and restlessness. His friendships with his peers are improving and he says that he enjoys treatment. He feels respected by the doctors at the hospital and has grown more confident.

Raja & his father