Remy Bhatia


Chief of Philanthropy

Remy hopes to not only share her story to inspire and educate others, but to advance the dialogue and long-term support need for evolution of these issues on a global scale.

Remy Bhatia is a first generation Indian American with a passion for philanthropy inspired by her diverse, international personal and professional background. This has allowed her to cultivate perspective, knowledge, compassion and the skills needed to foster advocacy and fundraising efforts in widespread issues that are close to her heart. Since her cancer diagnosis in 1999, Remy has been deeply involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation as an Ambassador supporting PR and Fundraising efforts for many chapters worldwide. The mission of the Minds Foundation is deeply important to Remy as she has been exposed to mental health struggles personally and within close communities and family throughout her life. The stigma surrounding these challenges and the right to seek the support and tools that are deserved has inflicted needless suffering, often in silence, marred with shame, for far too long.  
Remy graduated from Cornell University and has now lived in New York, Los Angeles, France, Milan and India. Her career has evolved internationally in the field of perfumery and sensory design specializing in creative development, marketing, branding, PR and business development. Remy’s passion for the mystery of the senses developed as her awareness of their power to affect our emotions, evoke memory and heal evolved. This was inspired by the study of essential oils in her training in Holistic Health, Wellness, Aromatherapy and Nutrition at a young age. She has continued to pursue related Wellness education and training and informally offer coaching ever since. Remy has also studied Mindfulness practices and periodically lived in various Thich Nhat Hanh monasteries. She formerly modeled and, and in 2013 was a finalist in the Miss India USA pageant and received an honorary Chairman’s Charitable Professional Award. In more recent years, she has undertaken roles as a consultant and keynote speaker, lecturer and inspirational training specialist in scent and sensory applications and design, as well as ongoing advocacy pursuits. Her mission is to employ her background to support her philanthropic efforts and ability to serve as an advocate. Remy hopes that her life experience and efforts with the MINDS Foundation will inspire storytelling in our communities and motivate empathetic dialogue to intensify and broaden the awareness of mental health illnesses, resources and education around the world.