Vasundhara Thakur, LLB, MLISc, MSW


Mental Health Field Social Worker

Vasundhara Thakur joined the MINDS Foundation in 2013 as a Field Social Worker. She is dedicated to improving the living conditions of needy people. Vasundhara believes that an honest effort in the right direction will open the gates of well-being for all people. She was born in Bilaspur, Madhya Pradesh (now in Chhattisgarh) and was brought up in Gujarat. Vasundhara graduated from South Gujarat University and did her post-graduate studies in Law at the M S University of Baroda. She earned her Master’s of Social Work from the Faculty of Social Work, M S University. In her MSW program, she worked in a variety of settings, including rural areas, an NGO in an urbal setting, a hospital for mental health, and finally at the Piramal Glass Limited plant in Jambusar.

The field of mental health is challenging as one has to deal with not only those who are having problems related to mental health, but also hesitation and apprehension related to their treatment due to stigma. I want to spread awareness about the need of treatment for problems related to mental health and in doing so, improve the overall health of people in our society.